Part 3/4 The Power of the Seed

Jesus is longing for His people to awaken and arise to the

present day emergence of heaven on earth.


The Seed of the Cross

Did Jesus not die on that dreaded cross? What did He fight through Gethsemane’s fear for…for an incomplete restoration of planet earth? For what reason did His blood pour from his wounds…so magnificent restoration would NOT occur for his people? How effective is the cross in your theology? Only effective as an entry ticket once people die? No! His death was the seed of the kingdom, the seed of heaven. Picture a seed. Tiny. Plain. One colour, one texture, one shape. What on earth could come of it? But it grows. And, what is miraculously hidden in that seed? EVERYTHING! If it is a tomato plant, in that seed is the green trunk, the green stems, the leaves, and eventually the nutrient-rich, bright red flesh of the tomato. Is the seed of the cross insufficient to produce the kingdom? Is the greatest event in the history of the cosmos not quite enough? Does the Lord need to come back to regain control (and grab the wheel from us, as it were?) What part of His strategy did He miscalculate? What was it that wasn’t enough—the gifts He gave us? Not enough of them or an insufficient cross section of them? The keys and the authority they represent? They only open some doors, but not all of them? His presence? Somehow the presence of the Creator of the Universe is insufficient? Does He need to return to have heaven emerge? Or is all the potential of the whole kingdom found in the death and resurrection of our Lord? Is it “Part one is finished” or “It is finished”—what do you think?

How far is He willing to go to bring it to pass? He blesses us with his FULNESS! He anoints the church with ALL His authority (Colossians 1:16-18). As we are increasingly emptied of our old nature, we will walk in His fullness so as sons/daughters and kings we co-labour with Him until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of His Father.

And, yes, yes indeed, it is happening now. The emergence of heaven on earth (the restoration of the Garden) in tandem with Israel’s restoration is in its embryonic state…and it will grow and intensify as we awaken to our identity and purpose to co-labour with Him.

He in us is zealously committed to subjecting every one of His enemies under His feet (Heb. 1:13; 10:12,13). In fact, the Lord waits in heaven for that to happen! We’ve been made sons and kings and one grand purpose He gave us was to defeat Christ’s enemies. Too grandiose a task for the here and now? What does Jesus say?…

“Now is the judgement of this world, now shall the ruler of this world be cast out… “ John 12:31.

As we increasingly implement Jesus’ mighty “casting out” of this world’s ruler, who then rules? Do you think that the seat is left vacant?

Obadiah 21 prophesies that saviours/deliverers (or judges) will go up on Mt. Zion to judge and govern their enemies and “the kingdom will be the Lord’s”.

“Then the sovereignty and dominion of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the saints of the most High God”. (13)

What is God’s intent for planet earth (especially with its old ruler dethroned, and, one presumes, his vacant seat up for grabs)?

Here is His intent: “The Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples…”(14)

It appears, in the lead up to the glorious 9th inning, that, to some extent at least, we’ve been dining with Him:

“How was your weekend?”
“Great. We went to see the new Thor movie.”
“Any good?”
“I loved it.”

“How are the grandkids?”
“Oh, they are growing like weeds. Benjamin’s taking skating lessons and he’s hilarious. Spends more time laying down than standing up. Marilyn just loves her pottery class. They are at that adorable age right now.”

“What did you do during the break?”
“Al and I went down to Mexico.”
“How was it?”
“Oh, we love it down there. Weather was perfect…we find it so relaxing there. It’s been crazy at work and Al needed to get away.”

“How was dinner last night?”
“Awesome. We went to the new Italian place, right next to the Coast Hotel. The bruschetta was fabulous. I had the seafood linguini and it was probably the best I’ve ever had.”
“Nice. Joanne and I went to the Greek Taverna. The souvlaki is delicious and it’s so cheap.”

“I heard you went to the Seahawks game last weekend.”
“Yeah, the boss had some spare tickets if you can believe it.”
“How was it? They lost didn’t they?”
“Yeah, but it was so cool. The atmosphere at those games is unreal.”

“How are you and Carol doing?”
“You haven’t heard? Take a look at this” (shows a photo on his cell phone).
“Wow. That’s a beautiful ring. When did you pop the question?”
Beaming: “Just last week.”

“Wanna go out for coffee?”
“You bet. Where do you want to go?”
“Have you tried James St. Cafe? Their coffee is fantastic.”
“Meet you there at ten?”

“When did you start driving this?”
“About a month ago.”
“I haven’t seen you in that long? It’s beautiful. What year?”
“It looks brand new!”
“Yeah, got it from a dealership. I love it.”

“How’s Steve doing?”
“Great. He was having trouble with his eyes but had surgery and it’s been night and day. He said he was crazy not getting it done a few years ago.”

“How was your weekend?”
“Had an excellent time. Went to a concert—Robert Davies Blues Band.”
“I’ve never heard of them. How was it?”
“Awesome. They have a sax player who was brilliant. And the venue is so small every seat is great.”

“What are you doing on Saturday? Do you want to go hiking? We are going to try Smithers’ Ridge.”
“Nah, I’ve got to get some work done on the house” (read: mansion or castle)(15)

“What state do you think our society is in?”
“Oh, things are getting so bad, aren’t they? It is so evil.”
“Yeah, let’s hope the Lord comes quickly.”

Does it strike you as strange that as we bask in our society’s blessings we nevertheless are quick to label it (society) ‘evil’?

The truth is, there really is power in the blood! The seed really does grow! God’s promise recorded in Isaiah is being fulfilled! This is beyond thrilling, but it is also smack dab at the centre of the church’s devastating nap. We’ve slept through the glorious kindness and beautiful healing of his spirit-yeast rising the dough of our society. The seed has been growing….from spindly tree trunk getting thicker…to the branches beginning to bud…and the stems mysteriously producing leaves….but we’ve grievously given the credit to ‘progress’.

Although I had believed this hopeful vision, I was getting very discouraged. A quick look at the negativity of the six o’clock news can send your faith spiralling into a sewer. “Lord”, I said, “I believe your kingdom is coming. I believe the wolf will lay down with the lamb. But I sure don’t see it. Could you send me an encouragement…a token…some evidence in the animal kingdom of two natural predators peacefully co-existing?” I didn’t tell anyone, not even my wife, of my bold little prayer. One week later I was sent a Youtube video of a polar bear and a husky, natural predators, frolicking together, licking each other in the wild, for over 30 minutes, and the shocked quote from the PhD in animal behaviour that what he was witnessing was truly remarkable and unprecedented.

His great Garden-restoration is happening all around you!

Jesus is longing for His people to awaken and arise to the

present day emergence of heaven on earth.

End of Part 3/3


(13) Daniel 7:27

(14) Isaiah 25:6

(15) Sure I’ve cherry picked these conversations and yes we all go through rough patches. But these are representative of the bulk of conversations most of us in the ‘first world’ have. Here are some facts to accompany the anecdotal conversations…facts concerning Isaiah’s game seven ninth inning prophecies of blessing and world restoration being fulfilled: longevity— world-wide life expectancy has climbed from age 32 in 1900 AD to age 70 today (an increase not of 38 days or weeks or months, but YEARS); since 1950 worldwide extreme poverty has declined a staggering 50% (see; racism, once embraced as normal, is now, for the most part, viewed with disgust; freedom has exploded (note: in Europe in 1000 AD, approximately 9 out of 10 people were semi-enslaved in serfdom with little to no chance of autonomy…today the exact opposite could be said—9 out of 10 people are free to make their own life and career decisions, own land, etc); wealth and abundance has skyrocketed—since 1820 the Gross Domestic Product (per capita) for “industrial” nations has grown from $1000 to $21,000, a growth of over two thousand percent! (see: The World Economy—A Millennial Perspective (2001), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Author Professor Angus Maddison); the dramatic acceleration of restorative movements of the Spirit in building up the church (1900, 1906, 1940’s – 1950’s, 1960’s etc.) re-awakening gifts that were sleeping for centuries; compassion for the handicapped, children, and prisoners that has led to drastic improvements in their treatment = justice; peace… since 1948 the nations most influenced by Abraham’s descendant have experienced the least number of wars in history (see: The Better Angels of Our Nature, Penguin Books, Author Dr. Steven Pinker); the dramatic fall of communism and the increased awareness and demand for justice in society and government; sexism is fading at the fringes when before it flourished in every neighbourhood in every city.

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